Friday, May 24, 2013



Fire burns bright as it consumes its fuel.
It crackles and cackles as it destroys.
But not all fire is tangible,
Not all fire consumes the visible.
Some things in life burn like a fire
Consuming the darkness that hides,
In the corners of minds and hearts.

The bright, orange glow illuminates the sky
Spreading warmth through the frigid dark.
Burning in the shadows it knows no bounds
It cannot be restrained nor silenced
It crackles in the face of the deceiving dark,
Illuminating the path on which to walk.
Piercing the shadows it cuts through the lies.

The wicked lies are turned to ash,
As the fire of truth rages on in the dark.
Truth is the fire that burns the intangible
Lies that destroy the good and honest
Leaving the evil to prosper and gloat.
But gloat they cannot when the fire,
Of truth,
Of righteousness,
Of good
Burns down their dark home
Built on pedestals of dishonesty.

Never can it be extinguished, always burning,
Ever vigilant, turning spirits of malevolence to ash.
In the deepest black it fears nothing,
Raging on in an inferno of strength.
Fiery plumes burst through,
The shield of false serenity,
Whipping heated winds,
Into the valley of ice, of
Frozen promises and dead ends,

Revealing the truth of what lies below.

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