Monday, March 22, 2010

Patriotic Poem

Crisis of Control
- John Fischer
A call to arms I dare do say
As liberty fades like the light of day.
Tyranny claims it grants you rights
As it reigns from such brazen heights.
Fight for the things that are given by nature,
By Nature and Nature’s God not human nomenclature
For if rights a government gives to its people
So can they take away as if it were they on the steeple.
For if he giveth surely he can reclaim
It is they, guided by greed, the Constitution they wish to maim.
Let not our forefathers’ fight be in vain;
For all of their hardships, suffering, and pain
Rise now and bare liberty’s teeth,
The peoples’ fist no matter how brief.
With hearts and minds logic does prevail
Let not their oppression cause America to fail.
With knowledge and understanding the nation we must save;
Else to the government we become the slave.
Let not the rivers run red and the earth be stained
Use the voice buried deep inside and Liberty is gained.
Truth, boldness, and courage are virtues we must keep,
Else the price we pay for freedom is much too steep.
A call to arms I say again
Vote with truth and logic for the truest freedom
The sword can never touch the strength of a pen
For life, for a dream, for the truest freedom
In a time of civility let honor and common sense rise
That we, later generations, do not despise
Hold to the truth and speak without fear
It is true that indeed the end is near.
But decide the outcome, we who stand for true freedom must
Else we become and be counted as particles of dust.
Freedom for all or life for none
This our rights guarantee as we stare down a gun
A gun pointed at sweet lovable liberty’s head
Let us stop the trigger from being pulled else we along with our freedom wind up dead

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